About Us

PCS Industries offers a highly experienced production staff. Our personnel are trained in industry standards for quality process. We are ISO 9001 certified and have an excellent reputation for quality control. We offer pick-up and delivery, and we can meet your deadlines.

We Can Help If…

  • You have jobs that are behind schedule.
  • You find you are wasting valuable time that could be utilized elsewhere.
  • You are using skilled labor for jobs that don’t require those skills.
  • You only need seasonal labor and don’t want to add to your work force.


We are located just off the Hoosier Heartland Highway convenient to US 35, US 24, US 31, SR 29, and SR 25. Our location is only miles from the Logansport Municipal Airport. If you are looking for a centralized partner in the Midwest, look no further.

For More Info

For more information, call Brandi Reno at 574-753-4104 ext. 201.